Founded in 2004 by Heidi Earle and David Kratz, Firefly Farm has grown from a small collection of horses to a large show barn, while still maintaining an intimate, family-like feeling.  Firefly Farm specializes in the training of riders of all ages-- whether they have never sat on horses before or have been riding for their entire lives.

The Firefly Farm team fosters a compassionate environment with a focus on safety and learning whilst making every effort to achieve each rider's individual goals.




Heidi Earle has been in the horse industry for her entire professional life-- most notably working with show jumping legend Debbie Stephens for over a decade.  Heidi has managed top horses at the largest competitions in North America and Europe.  



Alison Skapof joined the Firefly Farm team in 2006.  A rider her whole life, Alison has worked for many of the top professionals in the country including Sissy Wickes and Lainie Wimberly.  In addition to exercising the horses, Alison works closely with Firefly's youngest riders throughout the year in addition to managing the popular Firefly Farm Pony Camp every summer.  



Jenn Bowery, owner of her own Oceans Edge Farm, assists in the training of Firefly riders when the team travels to away horse shows.